EU Feld Hell Net
Hell'o and thanks for your interest in the EU Feld Hell Net!

Why another Feld Hell Net?
This net is here to give hams operating out of Europe more opportunities to make QSO's in Hell Schreiber modes. I am aware that other Hell nets exist, but they are often out of reach or on bands that are not permitted to hams with a Novice license.

When: Every Saturday at 10:00/10AM ZULU TIME 📅
You are welcome to start making QSOs. Please check your correct local time!!!. Initially we will work in FSK Hell-105. Set transceiver to frequency listed below and waterfall +1500Hz. If the frequency is in use by other modes, move to a portion of free spectrum. We can make exceptions, check and see all frequencies!

When I am on-air you can see my station frequency in the live viewer below.
The current week number is 29 and the ZULU time is now: . Add to calendar.

Hamspots, check-ins, socialize
Compared to the US nets, this net is rather unorganized. There are no check-ins and there is no coordinating station. Whatever coordination we have is done on Hamspots. Hams not on Hamspots can use the live viewer below to find my frequency. I will post a message on around the start time of the net including the frequency of the day. If you do not see my message, by all means add your own!

If you see my station you will notice I make QSO's very short, this is because I have a limited set-up. If you have a better set-up or favorable conditions, I encourage you to socialize and chat. But if you want to stick with just a basic QSO, that is fine too!

Reporting, feedback, questions
If possible log your QSO's on, LoTW, etc. You can reach out to me with your feedback and QSO success stories via email, find it on For logging purpose the mode is FSKHELL. SWL reports welcome. You can see QSO screenshots from our net in the Hell QSO Gallery! For my other ham radio activities see

Live Hell Station Viewer, open in new window.

Mind your power!
FSK Hell-105 seems to be a bit more robust than Feld Hell, but it does have a 80% duty cycle, if your rig has heating issues, lower your power output! People using Signalinks in their setups will need to adjust them to handle the rapid off/on characteristic of Feld Hell. FSKH105 will work with PSK31 Signalink settings.

Can I join if I am outside of Europe?
Sure it is all about having fun! I am starting this net so there is one in Europe as USA and Canada has many nets already, but this net is for everyone!

Latest QSO on

I recommend fldigi. Set the correct mode via the menu Op Mode->Hell->FSK Hell-105. CAT control is available via flrig. When not using LoTW integration be careful to log as FSKHELL. Fldigi logs incorrect mode in logbook.adif!

FldigiLinux, Mac, Windowsyesyes
IZ8BLY HellschreiberWindowsnono

Feld Hell Club
This net is an independent effort, but I have had help from the Feld Hell Club starting it up. If you like the Hell modes, consider becoming a Club member, it's free and they have a great membership certificate!

Hell frequencies
Set waterfall to +1500Hz and set transceiver to the frequency listed. The 20m and 30m frequencies are our regular frequencies. Alternatively if the 20m or 30m frequencies don't work we can use these: Hope to see you in Hell, 73 de PC1K!